Reimbursement Update:
Remote health care enables real time tracking of the vital signs. Through this, healthcare professionals can provide their patients with the best lifestyle choices. The CPT Code 99091 now allows practitioners to be separately reimbursed for RPM under the 2018 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.

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Monitoring System Collects Health Data

Health Care Provider Receives Data

Provider Contacts Patient Via CDoc

Rooti WMe2 is a revolutionary app-cessory (app+accessory) that can track and record your heartbeats and daily health status, providing critical fitness and wellness information about your body through real-time electrocardiogram signal measurements.

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HRV (Heart Rate Variability) Sensor

WMe2 understands your body condition by measuring blood pressure and heart rate variability and further interprets the signals to show your body age and ANS (autonomic nervous system) balance.

WME2 Biosensor

Rooti WMe2 is a revolutionary app-cessory (app+accessory) that can track and record your heartbeats and daily health status.

Breathing Practice

Under a stressful environment, breathing exercises may help improve your inner health. WMe2 can help to balance your ANS status through multi-level breathing practice.

Self Workout Training

With the combination of HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) belt, HRM Sport Bra or HRM Smart Shirt, you can easily get a complete picture of your training and a quick achievement analysis in the WMe2 App.

Real-time Workout Monitor

The App allows you to easily interact with others when exercising. WMe2 App can track your team members’ GPS route, heart rate, calories and speed.

All-Day Activity

With WMe2, not only can you track your steps, sleep, calories, you can also use it as a stopwatch or distance calculator.

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