As a medical billing professional, dealing with prior authorization is a necessary part of the job. Prior authorization (also known as preauthorization) is the process of getting an agreement from the payer to cover specific services before the service is performed.

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CyberMed Uses

CROP will work on the side of your billing process to collect the money left on the table.
You don’t have to change existing EMR/EHR.
You could keep your current billing process at no change, but CROP outcome will help you to improve it.
CROP offers advance billing system or EMR/EHR if it is needed.
Level 1
  • Reconcile your claim and remittance
  • Provide denial analysis reports
Level 2
  • Correct denials and submit to payor for re-process
Level 3
  • Identify and resolve the system issues in your current billing process
Certification1 Certification2 Certification3
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CyberMed Health Inc. is a health information technology company founded in 2011, focused on improving people’s health outcome through the use of technology and optimizing an online medical health practice system for health providers.

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